The advantages of the LISTENER

1. Little effort to install it, no laying of cables through the entire house.

2. Free movement of people and animals in the secured areas, day and night.

3. No false alarms from wind, traffic or normal opening of doors and windows.

4. The LISTENER V5 system is all around sabotage proof and has a 48-hour power failure safeguard for all types of possible power failures.

5. User-friendly and easily integrated into everyday life.

6. The LISTENER already signals the attempt of a break-in and not just the subsequent intrusion of a perpetrator into the property.

7. Further alarm signals are easily possible both by means of individual announcement texts as well as for the purpose of function transmissions, for example to guard duty centres.

8. Fully-automatic live reconnection of the system after the alarm ends.

9. It can be dismantled and then installed again without a problem in case you’re moving house.

10. The system can be expanded as you wish. The basic device can be extended with up to 40 add-on modules.

Finca mit Sicherheitssystem

Finca mit Alarmanlage

Finca mit Sicherheitssystem

LISTENER alarm systems – safety engineering

LISTENER Security System

Free movement in the secured areas

Finca Burglaries have boomed in Spain. There is a break-in every few minutes and the trend is on the rise. Unfortunately the perpetrators have it easy because only a few properties and private households have adequate security.

With the thousand fold approved LISTENER alarm systems you can protect yourself simply and economically against illegal access to your property and threats to your life.

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The LISTENER is a completely new alarm system with a unique recognition feature, until now unknown to alarm systems.

Material obstacles must always be overcome in a break-in by levering, bending, breaking or smashing. The LISTENER alarm system unfailingly recognises and signals the resulting noise. This means that if force is applied to doors or windows during a break-in attempt, then this activity will generate the sub-audible sound frequencies that will be detected by the LISTENER and then the alarm will be reliably triggered.

The LISTENER alarm system allows you and animals to move freely in the secured properties thereby offering an efficient protection without restrictions.

However, the LISTENER alarm system does not only signal break-in attempts, but when extended to smoke detectors, gas detectors and water detectors it can be developed into a comprehensive hazard alert system.

The protection of your family and of your property deserves the highest attention. Take the time to talk with us about your security.


In Germany, LISTENER is a member of the BHE (Bundesverband der Hersteller- und Errichterfirmen von Sicherheitssystemen e.V. – the Federal Association of the Manufacturing and Installation Companies for Security Systems)

In Austria, LISTENER is a member of the VSÖ (Verband der Sicherheitsunternehmen Österreichs - the Austrian Association of Security Companies) and was incorporated as the first foreign company.


The LISTENER alarm system protects:

…. your house, your residence, your office, your area
     of business, your surgery, your chambers, your villa,
     your holiday home or apartment when no one is in the building,
…. you and your family or your colleagues when they are in the building,
…. your valuables in your vehicle,
…. your fixtures and fittings in the campervan or caravan,
…. your expensive yacht.
…. and much more.

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